Super September Tire Sale

Super September Tire Sale


Pat’s Auto Service Center is stepping its game up.

For the first year ever, we are premiering our….

Super September Tire Sale!

While we’ve always been known for our awesome tire sale in March, we decided that we owe it to the community to extend that offer into the second half of the year.  With school starting and holiday’s approaching, there’s no better time to ensure you’re driving on safe tires. Just like with our March special, you will receive a FREE alignment when you purchase 4 passenger or light truck tires (That’s a value of up to $90 you’re saving)!


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  • Savanna Swims
    September 9, 2017, 9:55 am REPLY

    Our Street tires are specially designed to handle street conditions. The tread patterns in the treading of street tires allows the tires to expel water that the tire comes in contact with. This prevents water from building up between the tires and the road surface. When water builds up between the tires and the street, this reduces the traction and may cause the vehicle to not respond readily to the control inputs of the driver.The deeper the grooves in the treading the better the rainy weather performance. Tires that are intended for dry weather use, usually have relatively shallower grooves. This feature provides more contact with the road surface more at 800-995-1663

  • Magaret Eichman
    September 13, 2017, 12:02 pm REPLY

    Off road tires are designed for terrain that is more difficult to manage. As a result of this the patterns that are on the treading, are more like individual projections. Something like studs. These patterns help the vehicle to remain manageable in terrain that is muddy or rocky, conditions that are not regular road conditions.These individual notches allow the tire to grip into the terrain, whether it is mud, or otherwise and this helps the driver to maintain control of the vehicle and it prevents the vehicle from getting stuck, especially when it comes to the muddier terrains. When used on asphalt, off road tires will wear down very quickly. This is due to the fact that they have much less contact area to the surface,


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